The retreat centre project has great potential and so much to offer. With your help and support, we can make it a reality!

How to give:

1) If you are in the position to do so you could offer a one-off donation of any amount to support the project.    


2) Alternatively you could set-up a regular donation (e.g. monthly).


3) If donating directly is not a possibility, but you'd still like to support the project, you could become a fundraiser by undertaking or offering an activity in order to raise funds.


All donations can be made directly to the Zen Centre bank account (this is the preferred route - please get in touch for bank details!), via one of the gofundme initiatives linked to the project, or via the paypal link below.

Paypal Link:

Support one of our fundraisers!

Cloud Water Zen Centre Email:    Phone 07432 014620

Cloud Water Zen Centre is a registered charity - Cloud Water Zen SCO46443

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