Cloud Water Zen Centre

Weekly Sittings - Monday and Wednesday evenings

Regular evening sittings are on:

Monday and Wednesday evenings (6.30 - 8pm)

It normally consists of three rounds zazen, kinhin and a talk by the teacher.

Early Morning Sitting

If not otherwise noted in the calendar below, our current early morning sittings are every:

Tuesday morning (8.10 - 9.00)

Thursday morning (8.00 - 8.45)

The centre is open from 8.00. Please arrive on time. It's ok to leave slightly earlier if you need to get to work etc. The usual schedule consists of two rounds zazen with a bell for changing posture in between.

Visiting the Zen Centre

If you would like to come and visit the Zen Centre for a look around or a cup of tea and a chat, we are usually open to the general public on:

Wednesday afternoons

(4.30 - 5.30)

Feel free to come along - but please contact us before to make sure someone is there to meet you! For more details, contact:

Short Course in Zen Buddhism

This three week course provides a chance to learn more about Zen Buddhism. It offers more opportunity for input, sitting practice, questions and feedback than our regular Saturday introduction. Each session include zazen (Zen meditation), teaching on specific aspects of Zen practice and time for questions and guidance.

The course runs over 3 consecutive Thursdays weeks and the next course will be held in September, starting on Thursday 12th September. Sessions will run between 6.15 – 8.00pm. The suggested donation for the course is £20

Thursday 12th September: Basics of Zen practice and getting a practice established

Thursday 19th September:  The challenges of Zen practice and integrating practice into daily life

Thursday 26th September: Different types of Zen practice and how they work

Get in touch if you're interested in finding out more

Zen and Everyday Life - A short course

In addition to our Intro course, we also run a short course designed to clarify how Zen practice can be integrated with the rest of our life.

It’s called ‘Zen and Everyday Life’ and it focuses on how Zen practice can help us to face and respond to the many challenges we face in daily life. And how Zen relates to, and can inform, the rest of our life

We’ll look at issues like:

- Identifying and changing old habits
- Dealing with change and distractions
- How to make more effective decisions and life choices.

The next course is scheduled for September 2019 and it runs over 3 consecutive Thursday evenings (dates to be confirmed).

It’s aimed at people who already have some meditation experience (at the Zen centre or elsewhere), although basic instruction and/or review can be provided as need be.

If you'd like more information, or to reserve a place just get in touch

Weekend events and sesshin

We also run longer events designed to give people an opportunity to get deeper into Zen practice. These include whole day or weekend events at the Zen centre as well as sesshin (intensive meditation retreats) which are held over three days at the Zen Centre and also residentially over the course of a week.

Our next all day sitting will be in September 2019 and our next sesshin (residential) will be in October 2019

Please get in touch for more details...

Cloud Water Zen Centre Email:    Phone 07432 014620

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