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During the current situation, we continue to offer a wide range of opportunities to learn about, and practise Zen Buddhism, as well as a regular schedule of events. In addition to the regular schedule of zazen, we offer a range of ways for people to get involved and find out more about Zen Buddhist practice

Coming up:

Introduction to Zen Workshop (In the Zen Centre and online)

Our next Introductory workshop will be on Thursday 29th April. It outlines the basics of Zen practice and teaching, and offers a chance to try out Zen meditation. A good way to find out more about Zen practice or an opportunity to refresh and restart your sitting practice. For more information, check out the 'Schedule' page or get in touch!

'Zen koans, meditation practice and daily life' (Starts Thurs May 6th)

Koan practice is a form of meditation unique to Zen. What are koans and how do they work in meditation practice? And how can they relate to, and inform, the rest of our lives? This course, which runs on Thursday evenings, looks at how koans can shed light on the many challenges we face. Starts on Thursday May 6th 2021

Poverty Alliance Campaign

Cloud Water Zen Centre supports the work of the Poverty Alliance and it's Autumn 2020 campaign. As part of the campaign, there's an article in the Sunday Herald (11/10/20):

Doors Open Day Glasgow 2020

We participated in the Doors Open Day festival in the autumn and a virtual tour, with commentary, of the Zen Centre is available at:

For more details, please check out the 'Schedule' and 'Getting Started' pages and contact us by email or phone for more information...

The Cloud Water Zen Centre was founded by members of the Zen Buddhist Society, a European Zen Buddhist organisation, which is based in Sweden. We are part of the Cloud-Water Sangha, a group of independent Zen Centres which has grown out of the work of Roshi Philip Kapleau and the Rochester Zen Center.


The aim of the Cloud Water Zen Centre is to provide a dedicated space where people can explore Zen Buddhist training and practice, right in the heart of Glasgow.


We meet weekly to practise zazen (Zen meditation), as well as holding regular weekend events including half and whole day zazen meetings, public talks, sesshin (intensive residential meditation retreats) and regular introductions for people interested in finding out more about Zen Buddhism.

Great is the matter of birth and death.
Life slips quickly by.
Time waits for no one.
Wake up! Wake up!
Don't waste a moment.

The Cloud Water Zen Centre supports 'Trees for Life' ( in its work rewilding the Scottish Highlands and the Simon Community ( which works to combat homelessness in Scotland

Cloud Water Zen Centre is committed to inclusion across race, gender, age, religion, identity and experience.

Cloud Water Zen Centre Email:    Phone 07432 014620

Cloud Water Zen Centre is a registered charity - Cloud Water Zen SCO46443

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